phil5_agpAtlantic Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila, a pillar of the construction industry of the Philippines for more than a century, is in the midst of a complete transformation, much like the Philippines itself. A firm that employed a mere 300 people in January of 2011, AG&P has increased its workforce to 3,000 already, with plans to increase to 5,000-6,000 within the next several months. Joe Sigelman, AG&P’s Chairman says, “All we had to do is hang out a sign and say open for business. All of the talent is here. It was the fabric that created the foundations for our success.”

Sigelman, a Harvard educated entrepreneur, has built his career on successfully predicting what regions and industries are poised for exponential growth. Fifteen years after founding Office Tiger, a major player in India’s business process outsourcing sector, and six years after co-founding Petro-Tiger to ride South America’s infrastructure boom, Sigelman has set his sites on changing the way the world thinks about construction from his new base in the Philippines.

The firm’s patented Modstruction process is truly a game changer, allowing AG&P to create some of the world’s most challenging infrastructure projects from their 150 hectare yard in Batangas, Philippines. “Essentially, what we do is we build these big infrastructures in Lego-like modules,” Sigelman explains. “These modules could be huge building-size modules, or they could designed to fit into cars or trains depending on whatever the logistical restraint is.”

Though Sigelman fell in love with the Philippines on a visit to the country several years ago, his decision to come into the country was largely motivated by the current administration’s commitment to good governance. “We need a government that works and that’s transparent because our economy doesn’t work without it, and this administration is delivering.” He is optimistic not only for the continued expansion of AG&P, but also for the country’s prospects. “Nothing will stop this country now. It’s a magical time to be here.”