Agusan Del Sur

Agusan del Sur Thinks Outside the Box

IMG_9837Agusan del Sur has rolled out the red carpet for international investors. The dynamic province is well known for its high-potential agriculture sector; it produces 46% of the Caraga region’s rice and 96% of its corn. Adolph Edward Galido Plaza, Governor, explains, “I encourage people to think outside of the box. Agusan del Sur is an aggressive province in adopting innovations in agriculture, including intercropping and the latest technologies. Now we are eager to explore new products, such as organic rice, and to develop even more technologies.”

Agusan del Sur is rich not only in agricultural resources but also in natural beauty. It has virgin forest, many waterfalls and the 110,000-hectare Agusan Marsh, which is being proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage natural site. All this makes the province ideal for tourism development, particularly for eco-tourism, and investors in tourism projects are welcome.

Improving quality of life

The province has won a number of awards for its performance and it has a long history of investing in the well being of local communities. As Governor Plaza points out, “We have made major investments in healthcare and education. We believe that the greatest resource of Agusan del Sur is our people. In addition, our human-resources department is separate from the government and this makes us a role model for other provinces.”

The provincial government’s goals for Agusan del Sur include improving infrastructure and continuing to encourage the implementation of new technologies in agriculture, particularly in rubber and oil-palm plantations. Governor Plaza concludes, “The provincial government will work harder in future to have the right people in the right places and to provide education and training to ensure the best possible government service. We want Agusan del Sur to showcase Mindanao’s many attractions for tourism and business.”