Ana’s Breeders Farms

Poultry Enterprise Illustrates Innovation in Agriculture

previewAna’s Breeders Farms Inc., a poultry integrator founded in 1975, has grown steadily over the years and now operates breeder farms, hatcheries, broiler farms and dressing plant. A Feedmill plant is in the works.

In line with ABFI’s operation, it also extends other services  for commercial use producing food grade ice and providing the biggest cold storage facility in Davao City

Mr. Suy thinks long-term and has made sure all facilities in the enterprise are built to last. He says, “To be able to contribute to climate change, we are installing solar panels to power our cold-storage facility. Further, ABFI has created another division as its Material Recovery Facility (MRF) its main task is, aside from protecting the mother earth; ABFI will make use of its farm wastes like the proposed project to develop a Biomass System to convert 2000 metric tons of chickens and hogs manure from company’s owned farms into viable renewable energy.” Aside from producing energy, one of its by-products is organic fertilizer that would help also the farmers to go into organic farming.

Jonathan and Aileen Suy, President and General Manager respectively explain,

“Since ABFI is an integrated operation, it has substantial and competent personnel running the day to day activities of the company.” ABFI adheres to its high standards and innovative operations as it plays a key role in helping to prepare Mindanao to join ASEAN in 2015.

Expanding export markets

The company distributes its poultry products throughout Mindanao and beyond. Mr. Suy says, “We will saturate Mindanao market with our products while concurrently supplying fresh frozen chickens to major food chains in Luzon, it has distributors in Visayas as it is on its way to ship Farmer’s Chicken to major customers throughout the Philippines and International market.

This innovative company also plans to contribute in the tourism industry by opening a model farm for Agri-tourism.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, ABFI:

  1. Gave school chairs to  public schools where our facility operates;
  2. Distribute school supplies every school opening;
  3. Provides potable water to communities near our farms;
  4. Sends potable water to surrounding areas affected by calamities;
  5. Opens roads through communities to our facilities;
  6. Invests  in electrical posts and transformers providing access to electricity in areas where its farms are located.

To potential investors, Mr. Suy says, “Agriculture is the key in Mindanao; this is the food basket of the Philippines and the only country in Asia that is free from bird flu.