Bringing World-Class ICT Services to Sarawak and Beyond

Sarawak Information System (SAINS) has been providing world-class ICT services in Sarawak for 22 years. CEO Dato Teo Tien Hiong explains, “When we began, our first goal was to make sure that the Sarawak government adopted the correct technologies. Then we built solutions for the government so that it could reach out to the people of Sarawak. Now we are connecting the whole state through providing e-government capabilities.” Largely thanks to these efforts, Sarawak’s ICT network is ranked the most advanced in Malaysia. Defining SAINS’ competitive edge, Mr. Tien Hiong points to the people factor. SAINS has hired locally and trained its personnel to meet the highest international standards.

SAINS’s integrated solutions have garnered a number of prestigious awards, including the Geospatial World Excellence Award for Governance of Land Administration and Land Management in 2012. Mr. Tien Hiong says, “We started small, but from day one we have paid enormous attention to giving our customers what they want and need. We learned that if we take care of the small things, the big things will gradually take care of themselves.”

International expansion

The company has already expanded beyond Sarawak to other parts of Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, and is one of the top ICT providers in Brunei. SAINS has also established a presence in the Philippines, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Mr. Tien Hiong points out, “We have national and international certifications, which helps us grow in global markets.”

Corporate social responsibility is very important for SAINS, which supports ICT centers in rural Sarawak as well as mobile services geared to rural residents who are more comfortable with cell phones than with PCs. Mr. Tien Hiong concludes, “We are also helping rural entrepreneurs and companies develop e-business solutions. At SAINS, we want the ICT sector to be a catalyst for development.”