High Quality Bananas for Regional and International Markets

Bananalandia, founded in 2000, is helping to position Mozambique as a key supplier of bananas to markets throughout Southern Africa and beyond. Bananalandia is a holding company that groups together other banana-producing companies, including Frutas Libombo, Rio Verde and Agrisul.

Bananalandia employs a total of 1,500 people and is helping to contribute to Mozambique’s high-potential fruit sector, a mainstay of the national economy. Bananalandia exported more than 40,000 tons of bananas last year.

As of 2010, Bananalandia had invested around US$10 million (€7.1 million) in its production of bananas on around 1,779 acres (720 hectares). Dr. Peter A. Gouws, Bananalandia’s CEO, explains, “Our objective is to export bananas throughout the southern African region and we are also targeting markets in the Middle East, since those markets are easily accessible from Mozambique.”

Organic production methods
Bananalandia produces its bananas as organically as possible. Dr. Gouws says, “We benefit from Mozambique’s climate, which is ideal for growing bananas, and from favorable soil and other conditions, including the absence of most diseases affecting bananas. We produce bananas that are very sweet and that do not require chemical treatments. We are very proud of our semi-organic production methods.”

Bananalandia has been growing rapidly for the past 10 years and aims to continue to expand. Dr. Gouws explains, “Our goal is to build this company into a significant player in the fruit industry of Southern Africa.”