Century Properties

Century Properties: A Blockbuster of Filipino Business

phil5_centurypropertiesSix days before the People Power Revolution in 1986 and starting with six people, Century Properties, which came to be known as a powerhouse in the real estate industry, began under the careful leadership of Jose Antonio. Now, the conglomerate and its leader are changing the Metro Manila skyline by exponential proportions, and neither plans on quitting anytime soon.

“With Century Properties, our platform is to share with the nation, helping the nation position itself as a competitive country. We would like to participate in the growth in Asia as well,” Antonio states, Founder and CEO of Century Properties. “But, at the end of the day, I have this vision to help the country.”

Within the real estate industry, over 200 buildings are going up each year to match the rising middle class and the returning 11 million overseas foreign workers (OFW) who now recognize the potential their native country contains in both the hospitality industry as well as in medical tourism.

“Really, what is our core as Filipinos?” asks Antonio. “It’s our ability to be of service. The BPO industry and the hospitality industry are growing phenomenally, and with our projects, we are just helping theses industries along.”

That humble attitude started a potential game-changing collaboration between the American company, General Electric, and Century Properties to build a world class outpatient medical care center, which will contain all of the amenities of a five-star hotel while catering to the everyday needs of a medical patient.

“Right now, the cost of medical care in the Philippines is one-third the cost of medical care in America,” explains Antonio. “So there is big potential for medical tourism for the Philippines because of our nature to care for our patients. We as a company thought, ‘Why don’t we build an outpatient medical care center, like a hotel?’”

With these types of projects, every role of the dice is a different gamble, yet Antonio uses that Filipino imagination and passion to fit the needs of every industry with Century Property projects. “As a company and a business, we must not do projects that will only be profitable; we must do projects that are relevant for the people.”

Seeing the potential of his native country under President Aquino’s administration, Antonio looks forward to forming partnerships with the big names of global business as the Philippines finally steps into the spotlight of investment.

As Antonio states, “The Philippines of before was always the ‘next big thing’, if we were a movie house. I believe that we are ‘now showing’ and hopefully soon, the country will be a blockbuster.”