City of Tagum

Dynamic Mayor Promoting Tagum’s Development

mindanao_tagumcityAllan L. Rellon, Mayor of Tagum since May 2013, focuses on encouraging the city’s citizens to work together to build a brighter future. Tagum is already known as a top business base. It is the fastest-growing city in Mindanao, and the Asian Institute of Management ranked it one of the top 20 cities in the country for business. Tagum is strategically located at the crossroads of Davao del Norte, the Compostela Valley and metropolitan Davao.

Mr. Rellon points out, “The City of Tagum offers raw materials, competitive human resources, continuing infrastructure development and efficient local governance. Tagum is the sub-regional center of the Davao Integrated Development Program (DIDP) Master Plan, and we welcome domestic and export trading and manufacturing activities in priority investment areas.” Tagum will be the site of the first waste-to-energy facility in the country through a multimillion-dollar project. The city is already a source of varied exports, including wood chips, veneer plywood, lumber and fresh bananas.

Promoting reconciliation

Mr. Rellon, a member of the Liberal Party, previously served as Vice Mayor of Tagum City and Secretary-General of the Vice Mayor’s League of the Philippines. He was named the Best Reserve Officer of the Philippine Army Reserve Command in 2009. In his first speech as mayor, he commented, “Let’s get back to work and let’s make Tagum a better place to live in.”

The mayor has earned a Bachelor of Science in education (magna cum laude), a Master of Arts in education, a Master’s in public administration with a major in government administration, a Ph.D in development studies, and a Doctorate in public administration. He began his career as a sales boy and held posts as a utility worker, teacher and college administrator before entering government service in 1993.

A very popular leader, Mr. Rellon has launched a number of initiatives in line with the “Education For All” program, including the Sulong-Dunong City Educational Scholarship Program, the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) and many others. To broaden his perspectives, the mayor has attended management-training sessions in Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan and China, and he is often sought out as a guest speaker on a variety of issues.

Mr. Rellon strongly supports the Eagle Wings program, which concentrates on developing the Tagum area’s fisheries, agriculture and marine-resources sectors. He says, “We want to change the cycle so that farmers will be given primary importance, as they are our partners in achieving food security.”