Davao Oriental

Rich Resources in Province Where Sun Shines First

masau1Davao Oriental, the Davao region’s first province to be settled, has a long history, a rich cultural heritage, and outstanding investment attractions. Thanks to its extensive coastline, natural beauty, and vast minerals and agricultural resources just waiting to be developed, Davao Oriental is a top choice for FDI.

Corazon Nuñez-Malanyaon, Governor, is committed to making Davao Oriental a high-quality place to live and work. She says, “My first focus when I became governor was to improve our healthcare services. My next priority has been to upgrade our agricultural production and productivity. We are also working to develop our minerals, aquaculture and tourism sectors and to improve our infrastructure. Thanks to our partnership with the military and the police, Davao Oriental now offers peace and order.”

Major FDI in agriculture

Davao Oriental is already Minandao’s top coconut producer. Ms. Nuñez-Malanyaon explains, “We are introducing cacao on 15,000 hectares that will be intercropped with coconut, and we have established a partnership with Mars International, which is ready to buy whatever amount of cacao we produce. I also want Davao Oriental to be 100% self-sufficient in rice production; we are now at 42%.”

Coping with a negative image is a challenge for all provinces in Mindanao. Ms. Nuñez-Malanyaon says, “I always tell people to come to Davao Oriental and see our peace and order for themselves.” The province has attracted investment from China in a multimillion-dollar coconut-processing plant and has also drawn international investors in oil-palm and mango plantations, including an Indonesian investor planning to grow oil palms on 42,000 hectares.

In the tourism sector, the governor says, “We are looking into eco-tourism, agro-tourism and religious tourism, and I favor boutique hotels with five-star service.” She adds, “I invite visitors and investors to come here and experience Davao Oriental, a beautiful, safe province, rich in cultural and natural wonders and truly the place where the sun shines first.”