eupeEupe Corporation Berhad, founded in 1986 to build affordable housing in the state of Kedah, is well-known for its innovation and commitment to high standards. The company has built around 20,000 homes in and around Kedah’s major regional centre of Sungai Petani.

Managing Director Dato Beh Huck Lee explains, “The Taman Ria development, one of our earlier projects with over 3,000 units, was at the time one of the biggest housing projects in the country. At the same time, we have been leaders in Malaysia in offering green space, integrated landscaping and other innovative environment and community features which capture the township values on which the company has been built.”

Eupe has progressively moved into higher-end home development in recent years to meet increasing demand for premium housing in fast-growing northern Malaysia. A number of its projects have been cited as a benchmark for innovative design for other Malaysian developers. These include the Sky Residences, designed and constructed to create a holistic living experience and which was Malaysia’s first LEED certified building.

Eupe’s Somerset project is the company’s latest premium development in Kedah where each property is expected to fetch prices of a least RM one million. Although this figure is the norm in the key cities of Malaysia, it remains a first in the town here.

Eupe is now extending its reach into the high-end residential property sector in Kuala Lumpur. Projects are underway in Kuala Lumpur’s South Bangsar and Cheras districts, with a third project also on the drawing board.

Each of these projects will incorporate Eupe’s distinctive design signature in a way that balances urban sophistication and comfort with the distinctive community and environmental look and ambiance that distinguishes its township developments.

Defining Eupe’s competitive edge, Data Beh says, “Our key advantage is our experience in handling large projects such as townships combined with our creativity and expertise in producing high-end properties with a distinctive township feel. Eupe’s offering is a carefully-balanced mix of both worlds. Through this combination, which we continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs and lifestyles of discerning homebuyers and investors, we aim to meet our prime objective of earning and maintaining our customers’ trust.”