Innovative Packaging Enterprise Specializes in Customized Products

FIPCO_LogoFlexible Industrial Packages Co. (FIPCO) has earned a stellar reputation for its high-quality flexible packaging, primarily laminates. This ISO-certified enterprise listed on the Muscat stock exchange has been chosen as the preferred packaging partner for a wide range of globally leading companies.

Personalized service is the company’s guiding principle. As CEO Vinay Bhardwaj explains, “We are in a highly customized business and we make to order rather than make to stock. We have the ability to work quickly and efficiently to cater to the needs of our clients, and we achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. We help consumers sell more, and FIPCO is the only SAOG packaging company in the GCC region. People really appreciate our commitment to our customers.”

While FIPCO has competitors in the region, including in Dubai, the Omani company stands out for its innovation and for the higher quality of its products. FIPCO aims to be considered one of the region’s top three packaging companies and is actively enhancing its brand recognition beyond Oman. Mr. Bhardwaj says, “I want FIPCO to be known outside Oman as a credible manufacturing supplier focused on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.”

Asian partnerships welcome

FIPCO will continue to play a major role in positioning Oman as a top manufacturing base in the Gulf region. The company welcomes the chance to partner with companies throughout the region and internationally and guarantees high-quality products and services for every customer. Mr. Bhardwaj concludes, “We are very open to working with Asian companies that can help us further improve our quality and innovation through the transfer of technologies and expertise. Future partners and customers should know that FIPCO always delivers value in both products and service and we provide our customers with optimum solutions.”