Basic CMYKThe Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Center (KLSMC) is breaking new ground in the field of repairs to joints and other more complicated procedures.  Beyond average repairs, the team of doctors at KLSMC offers a new hope in regenerative processes as an alternative to drastic joint replacement surgeries. The ultimate aim at KLSMC is to help patients gain a better insight into their medical problems and how they can best deal with them to support their desired lifestyle. The advanced technique of stem-cell therapy is an option to help patients work towards that goal.  The stem-cell research being done in the lab is making great strides, and that knowledge is now being moved to the operating room. In place of extremely invasive surgeries, KLSMC works with a patient’s own stem cells to re-grow cartilage that has disintegrated or ligaments that have been torn and damaged. Particularly useful in regards to injuries at joints, the doctors are well experienced, having successfully performed these surgeries for many years. One patient, travelling from America to have a second procedure at KLSMC (to fix a procedure done elsewhere), was keen to mention that “rather than go [to the US] and be patient number 3 or 4, I thought it was better to come [to KLSMC] and be patient number

Focusing not just on the actual procedure, Dr. Saw was quick to say that KLSMC focuses on keeping the patient comfortable and happy, because “happy patients heal faster.” Malaysia is in the midst of modernization, focusing on healthcare and research and development particularly. Kuala Lumpur offers no shortage of competent hospitals, both public and private. However, standing out above the rest in terms of patient care and advanced techniques is KLSMC. The hospital is structured in line with a new philosophy that aims to make a patient’s stay as comfortable as possible. Patient rooms are spacious and feel more like those at a luxury hotel. Food service comes in from the gourmet restaurant  on the ground floor, and the staff, all focused on ensuring proper healing, are attentive in the utmost.

After procedures, the comfortable patient rooms and large physiotherapy room with serene views of the city skyline aid in quick and proper healing. Looking into the future, KLSMC wants to work with partners (both nationally and internationally) to “make this [Malaysia] the regional hub” and bring Malaysia forward in the R&D field, going along with the goals of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology.  KLSMC is keen to work with partners around the world in order to share ideas and discuss their innovative techniques with regard to cartilage regeneration.