Kuching Car Rental

Much More than a Car-Rental Company

Kuching Car Rental is not only one of the top five car-rental companies in Kuching but is also a top source for a range of other services. In all its activities, Kuching Car Rental has earned a strong reputation for its personalized customer support and added value.

The company’s services in addition to world-class car rentals include highly trained drivers who can double as body guards; airport transfers; hotel, flight and other reservations; support for film companies and other corporate clients operating in Sarawak; faxing and other business services; and organized tours of Kuching and of Sarawak’s outstanding tourism attractions, including longhouse river safaris and visits to the famed Mulu Caves.

The General Manager of Kuching Car Rental explains, “Our motto is ‘the customer is always right’, so it’s no surprise that we are able to please all kinds of clients, including foreign customers thanks to our English-language abilities. Also, when it comes to prices, we can be flexible, and at the end of the day our customers can count on us to give them value for money.”

Promoting tourism in Sarawak

Kuching Car Rental actively supports the development of Sarawak’s tourism sector, which has enormous potential. The General Manager says, “We want to promote tourism throughout Sarawak, not just in Kuching but in other areas as well. We want more foreigners as well as Malaysians to know just how much Sarawak has to offer.”

Kuching Car Rental welcomes the chance to serve business and leisure travelers in Kuching. The company is looking forward to a strong growth as Sarawak’s rapidly developing economy and high-potential tourism sector continue to expand. Addressing potential customers, the General Manager says, “Welcome to Sarawak! Enjoy the great natural beauty and friendly people. And for your car-rental needs, Kuching Car Rental offers the best in service with no compromises.”