Laku Management

Water Services Customers Can Count On

Laku Management plays a key role in Sarawak’s development by providing reliable supplies of potable water to customers in Bintulu, Miri, Limbang and nearby rural areas. The state-owned water supply company has been operating like a private company since 1996. “We have managed without the government’s financial support. We have invested a lot in upgrading our water-treatment plants and pipeline infrastructure. In 2011, we invested US$ 12.4 million (36 million ringgits) to upgrade our water-treatment plants in Miri. At the request of the State Government, we have taken over the rural water supply system in Limbang District as part of our social responsibilities. We are also assisting the State Government operating the water-treatment plant at Samalaju and we will be also supplying treated water to Samalaju soon,” explains CEO Wong Tiong Kai.

Staying on budget is a challenge for water companies in Malaysia given rising operational costs and the low prices for water set by the Government. To remain competitive, Laku Management focuses on keeping its costs as low as possible without jeopardizing the quality of the water supply and services.

Boosting efficiency to keep costs down

Laku Management sources its materials in Malaysia although the company is open to working with foreign suppliers. Mr. Wong Tiong Kai is currently investigating more cost effective chemicals for water treatment and more advanced cost effective water-treatment technologies explains that Laku Management will continue to upgrade its plants and network to boost efficiency and control costs.

The company’s plans for the future include developing the new raw water sources for Miri Water Supply and upgrading the Limbang Water-Treatment plant. Laku Management is also modernizing its information-technology systems to improve its customer service and has already implemented an SMS system to inform its consumers on water supply interruptions.

Laku Management’s customers appreciate this focus on service and innovation. As Mr. Wong Tiong Kai points out, “Laku Management will continue to strive to improve its services to the consumers and assist the Government in water-supply related matters. We aim to be the best water-supply authority in Sarawak.”