Matola Cargo Terminal

Matola Cargo Terminal was ranked among Mozambique’s top 100 companies in a recent survey by KPMG, and it is among the country’s top 10 enterprises in profits, according to NAME, TITLE. Matola Cargo Terminal achieves annual turnover of around U.S. $ 10 million (high for Mozambique) of which around U.S. $ 4.5 million is profits.

Matola Cargo Terminal was acquired by the Capespan group, a leading South African fruit enterprise, but operates very independently as a logistics-services provider. “We should be seen as the logistics guys, not the fruit guys,” NAME points out.

Efficiency is a guiding principle for Matola Cargo Terminal. NAME explains, “Our port, Maputo Port, is a very small port both geographically and in depth, so it must be efficient and have strong supporting infrastructure to be competitive. We are focusing on transit operations, for example in the minerals sector.”

New terminal for containerized minerals shipments

Matola Cargo Terminal is investing U.S. $2.2 million in a new terminal to handle containerized minerals shipments; this facility will double the company’s business. Matola Cargo Terminal already has its own fleet of trucks as well as 56 cold rooms of 14,125 cubic feet each, 847,552 cubic feet of storage for general cargo, rail siding for 28 rail cars, and a fully equipped workshop.

Matola Cargo Terminal sees itself as a provider of integrated logistics solutions. For cigarette manufacturer BAT, for example, the company delivers tobacco and distributes cigarettes. “Local companies are small so we must target transit traffic, which brings in big volumes. We will always serve the local market, but our main value is regional,” NAME explains.

Matola Cargo Terminal welcomes international partnerships. NAME concludes, “We aim to be a partner that can be trusted, one that walks the talk. We are very active in raising standards for long-term improvement, not short-term, ephemeral gain.”