Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

contact-usMaking Malaysia your Healthcare Tourism Destination

The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council or better known as MHTC was established on 3rd July in 2009 under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, bringing together the nation’s dual heritage of hospitality and medical innovation, highlighting Malaysia as the preferred healthcare travel destination in the Asian region. As an initiative under the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), its ultimate purpose of MHTC is to streamline healthcare travel service providers and industry players in both private and government sectors so as to drive the industry to greater heights.

According to Dr. Mary Wong, CEO of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council – the council is a “…one stop center for foreign patients seeking medical advice or procedures in Malaysia.”  Established to complement the work of the council, are three websites and an International Call Centre that has call and e-mail support capabilities to cater for patients in languages as diverse as Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Bahasa Indonesia and additional e-mail support only in Japanese, Bengali and Arabic.

Prior to the foundation of the council in 2009, Malaysia saw little in the way of medical tourists entering the country. Today, Malaysia’s medical tourism reach includes key markets inside the ASEAN region and beyond. Foreign patients from Europe, the US, Indonesia, India, Japan, China, Australia, Bangladesh and Libya for instance are now all taking advantage of the high quality and affordable healthcare that Malaysian private hospitals have to offer.

The medical and dental services offered by healthcare facilities in Malaysia are on par with leading medical institutions in the world. Yet, healthcare in Malaysia is only a fraction of the cost that a patient would pay in neighboring countries or in the West. As Dr. Mary Wong explained, “The high quality standard of care in the private hospitals of Malaysia together with the low cost factor attached to care tends to ensure foreign patients’ satisfaction.”

‘Exceptionally Trained and Patient Focused Doctors’

One of the factors that separates a foreign patients healthcare experience in Malaysia from that of neighboring countries is often the fact that doctors in Malaysia are very proactive and skilled, especially in terms of surgery and their patient focused attitude. Dr. Mary Wong cites examples of doctors spending up to forty five minutes in consultation with patients while deciding the very best treatment options

in the initial phase of care. This is starkly against the global trend of five to ten minutes. Before joining any private sector hospitals in Malaysia, doctors must have garnered between ten and fifteen years of practice in public institutions in Malaysia, further attesting to their exceptional training.

“For foreign patients coming into Malaysia, this is something that they can be rest assured of, that they are meeting a highly trained and experienced surgeon” – Dr. Mary Wong

The number of medical tourists to Malaysia has increased from 583,000 in 2011 to 671,000 in 2012 and we are expecting the same 15 percent growth in 2013 as well.  The increased number of medical tourists to Malaysia testifies the high quality care and value for money treatment and services that we provide for better health.  Amongst the popular treatments sought in Malaysia are cardiology, orthopaedics, oncology, ophthalmology, in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and neurology.”

There are over 250 private hospitals in Malaysia. However, only hospitals that are well-equipped and catered to receive and handle medical tourism are approved and registered to be a participating medical tourism provider in Malaysia. On top of high class medical treatments, Malaysia offers the unique advantage of a full spectrum of tourism attractions; with tropical islands and beaches, rich cultural heritage and modern attractions, Malaysia is the ideal destination to recuperate and relax after medical treatments. MHTC is with you on every step of the journey to tailor make your own personalized holiday cum treatment package.