MIROS: Working to Raise Awareness, Promote Road Safety in Malaysia and Beyond

malaysia_mirosRoad safety has become an increasingly, even critically, important issue in Malaysia given the rapid rise in the number of vehicles on Malaysian roads and a concomitant increase in the number of road fatalities. That has heightened the importance and raised the profile of the work of MIROS, the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety.

Recognized as a national center of excellence, MIROS evaluates and plans for road safety throughout Malaysia. Its activities are organized around three areas: vehicle safety, the environment, and behavioral change. Professor Dr. Wong, Director General, explains, “There was a need for road safety research, which is why we were established. We close the missing link in road safety research.

“We play a key role in the community by communicating road safety excellence standards to our people. We work with MCAP to ensure international road safety standards and encourage it in Malaysia.”

Fostering behavioral change is a core element of MIROS’ mission. “We are involved with secondary school students to put road safety at the forefront of their minds as they being their driving studies,” Dr Wong elaborated.

“Safety needs to be addressed, not just in Malaysia, but in the region and the world,” he continued. “A major hurdle is convincing government officials and private sector industry participants that investing in safety and safety research is critical to their own survival. MIROS is here to raise awareness of this important issue and take a proactive and preventive approach before lack of safety becomes a problem. When investors talk about ROI, they do not think of investing in safety as something that produces money. We are here to change that mindset, to make people realize that spending that extra money will be worth it for safety, the lives of their citizens, and the costs involved after an accident.”