MSA Academic Advancement Institute


Highly Ranked Educational Centers Offer Life-long Learning

​MSA Academic Advancement Institute grew out of one family’s dedication to teaching. The company, founded by teacher Merle S. Alferez in 1988, became a pioneer in academic advancement in the Philippines and is the only institution of its kind that has earned ISO certification. Now with 15 centers throughout the country as well as around 100 published books, MSA has brought together an extended family of highly qualified and experienced teachers.

MSA offers a wide range of programs, from preschool tutorials to support with college entrance exams, civil-service eligibility reviews and more. Managing Director Gerard S. Alferez, son of the founder, explains, “We are dedicated to life-long learning. What makes MSA unique is that we can respond to our students’ needs from preschool all the way to post-graduate training. MSA is truly a lifetime learning center. We want MSA to be known as the best educational tutoring center in the Philippines.”


Programs for all ages

Specific programs MSA offers include regular and advanced academic tutorials; enrichment programs in math, reading, speech and communications, and English; preparation for preschool, primary school, high school and college admissions, the Philippines Educational Placement Test and the SAT; a variety of programs focusing on English-language skills, including preparation for the TOEFL; and preparation for medical-school, law-school and graduate-school admissions, the civil-service exam, the CEO eligibility test and more. MSA also offers playschool, a Scholastic Hub program and customized programs on request.

Looking to the future, MSA is exploring new ways to meet students’ needs, including online learning via Skype. Mr. Alferez explains, “The key to our success is our up-close, integral learning environment. We want to preserve that in the virtual classroom.” MSA is currently looking for international ICT partners to help it develop its online-learning platform. In all its programs, MSA will continue to focus on providing the highest-quality life-long-learning opportunities for its students.

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