World-Class Utilities Services and Much More

maldives_mwscMalé Water and Sewerage Company Pvt Ltd (MWSC), established in 1995, with partnership of two Danish Companies, provides world-class water and sewerage services for half the population of the Maldives. Thanks to its commitment in maintaining the highest International Standards, MWSC has been recognized as a success story by foreign ventures in the Country. At present, MWSC shares 20% of its holdings with Hitachi Ltd which is a testament to the company’s ability to succeed in business with its partners.

The company has steadily transformed itself from a utilities-services provider to a diversified engineering and contracting enterprise with proven expertise in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. Today, MWSC has its own engineering brand that separates the engineering operations from the utility services that have been provided since inception. Managing Director Mohamed Ahmed Didi explains, “MWSC continues to improve its products and services. We have recently opened several new operation centers and have implemented innovative technologies, including e-services, and resourceful environmentally friendly practices as well.” MWSC is also a major player in projects to use seawater in new ways.

MWSC excels in providing turn-key water and waste water solutions that employ the latest technologies and designs. The challenge of sustaining cost of operations in a volatile energy cost environment is huge, already the plans to achieve future sustainability is being executed progressively. The company is also well known for its commitment to customer service and competitive pricing.

MWSC leads the water and waste water industry in the country with a vision to expand the utility service internationally. Being an Engineering Solution provider for this industry for the last seventeen years, the company has played a key role in the development of the country. The success of the water and waste water industry has encouraged the company to instigate the journey of seeking energy solutions for the requirements of both the company’s utility operations and for national power requirements.

Today the company seeks the challenge of adopting a sustainable renewable energy program for the company and the country with partnership of expertise abroad. MWSC looks forward to securing the service of water and waste water along with a significant role in the energy sector in the future. MWSC has certainly achieved its goals in the past and ensures its partners and customers that the goals of the future will be achieved.