NavarroAmper & Co

Helping Investors Make the Most of Local Opportunities

phil_deloitteThe Philippines is rapidly upgrading its business climate and creating even more investment attractions, and NavarroAmper & Co., Deloitte’s local affiliate, provides essential support for investors targeting the high-potential Filipino economy. Greg Navarro, CEO and Managing Partner, explains, “Good governance is good business, and all branches of the Philippines’ government are working hard to achieve investment-grade status for the country.”
He adds that the Philippines offers a domestic market of around 100 million as well as exceptional human resources, including nearly 400,000 college graduates each year and 10 million hard-working Filipinos overseas ready to find jobs in their own country.

“In addition, we Filipinos have embraced globalization in a manner that tops most countries,” Mr. Navarro says. NavarroAmper & Co. offers a wide range of world-class services for local and international clients. Benefiting from its access to the global Deloitte network as well as its in-depth knowledge of the local economy, the company guides companies and investors to ensure that their business ventures in the Philippines are protected and will thrive.

Stock-market activity increasing investor confidence

More opportunities open up in the Philippines every day, Mr. Navarro points out. He says, “Stock-market activity, which has been fantastic over the past two years, has created more confidence among foreign investors, especially since around two-thirds of stock-market investments in the Philippines are from domestic investors. This sends a very strong signal to the global investment community.”

As the Filipino government and private sector continue their drive toward increased transparency and good governance, investment opportunities in the Philippines will only get better, and NavarroAmper & Co. is there to help its customers make the most of them. Mr. Navarro says, “Investors everywhere are looking for countries to invest in where they can count on substantial returns. The Philippines is now one of those countries.”