Oman ARC

oman_arcState-of-the-Art Aluminum Sheet Rolling for the Omani Market

The Oman Aluminum Rolling Company (OARC) brings state-of-the-art light-gauge aluminum sheet-rolling from Oman. The company’s brand-new plantrecently began production and is equipped with an industry-leading Hazeltt Twin Belt Caster, which ensures unique metallurgical properties that benefit customers in their applications of aluminum-sheet products. The plant also features cutting-edge hot-rolling, cold-rolling and finishing operations along with world class metal-cleanliness systems. OARC will not only provide its customers with value-added products but will also generate long-term, sustainable employment opportunities in Oman.

Defining OARC’s competitive edge, CEO Lloyd Buddy Stemple explains, “OARC’s product quality is world-class. In addition, we are the only aluminum plant of this type in Oman and we make use of molten aluminiumfrom the Sohar Aluminum smelter, which is adjacent to our plant. Last but not least, we can design customized solutions for our clients using the latest technologies available.” The environmentally friendly plant will have an initial production capacity of 140,000 tons of multi-purpose aluminum per year.

Wide variety of applications

OARC’s aluminum products can be used for residential and commercial air-conditioning, automotive heat exchangers, food containers, foil wrap, pharmaceutical and industrial applications and much more. OARC will produce sheets with a maximum width of two meters, which means the plant will not only manufacture materials with an extensive range of applications but can also achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Mr. Stemple stresses that OARC aims to play a key role in Oman’s economic development. He says, “We were established with the objective of capitalizing on Oman’s downstream industry, and as a young factory, our goal is to build a sustainable company contributing to Oman’s economy. We are operating at 70% Omanization as we continue to focus our human-resources initiatives on training local Omanis. OARC prides itself on our state-of-the-art technology and people.”