Oman Reinsurance

oman_reinsuranceOman’s First Specialized Reinsurance Firm Offers World-Class Professional Services

Oman Reinsurance Company “OMANRe” is the first specialized professional national reinsurance company with international standards started operations in the year 2009 in the Sultanate of Oman by a number of leading insurance and reinsurance companies from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Its shareholders also include a reputable local Bank, many reputable trading houses in Oman as well as the Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Its authorized capital is Rial Omani 30 million, equivalent to USD 78 million approximately. Founder Board Member and Managing Director Murtadha Ibrahim Al Jamalani say, “OMAN Re offers local expertise and an established presence. We have all the pieces to the puzzle.”
Mr. Al Jamalani explains that “OMAN Re” adheres to the generally accepted norms of its business with commitment to integrity, fairness and quality-of-services which gives our clients satisfaction and security. He say’s furthermore, our supreme goal is to ensure that OMAN Re’s financial strength is well – acknowledged and the quality of its security is highly acceptable. Our business philosophy is to deliver client – specific solutions, and transact the conventional lines of business of treaty and facultative, focus on core writing business for profit and not market share. Compliance with Corporate Governance Rules is a critical issue for the management and shareholders.
OMAN Re gives back to the community through developing and training highly motivated professional locals. Promoting Sultanate of Oman as a business base is one of the priorities of “OMAN Re”. Mr. Al Jamalani says, “OMAN is a safe place to live, to do business and secure country to invest in. The excellent sovereign rating of the Sultanate of Oman and the highly respected regulatory regime administered by the Capital Market Authority are key factors that will always foster market confidence in and goodwill for OMAN Re.
OMAN Re will continue to position itself as a proximity reliable domestic reinsurer before approaching any foreign reinsurer. We want to be visible and we are confident that companies will put their trust in us.