Peacock Hotel

Popular Hotel Offers World-Class Services and Tanzanian Hospitality

The Peacock Hotel is the ideal home-away-from-home in Dar es Salaam. This family-owned property features 93 air-conditioned rooms and suites with Internet connections, a swimming pool, two restaurants, three convivial bars, and, for business travelers, six conference rooms and a range of business services.

The Peacock Hotel has attracted a loyal following among international travelers for its world-class facilities and professional, welcoming staff. General Manager Margareth Mfugale explains, “Our main focus is service. We spend a lot of time and effort to train our employees to ensure high-quality, international-standard services for our guests.”

Introduction to Tanzania’s cultural heritage

The Peacock Hotel also offers catering and tour services, and even provides an introduction to Tanzania’s rich cultural heritage. Ms. Mfugale says, “While in Tanzania either for business or pleasure, travelers should choose Peacock Hotel for our high-quality services and also for our ‘Tanzanian Night’ event every Wednesday, when we show you what Tanzania is all about, offering you traditional food and dancing from each region of the country.”

Building on its success, the Mfugale family aims to open a second 53-room hotel adjoining the current property by July 2012 and will soon open two other Peacock Hotels as well, one in the Iringa region and another, the Millennium Peacock, around 30 miles from Dar es Salaam on the way to the coast; this hotel will also open in July. Building other hotels around Tanzania and abroad is the family’s long-term goal.

Urging international travelers to discover all the wonders Tanzania has to offer, Ms. Mfugale says, “Tanzania is a beautiful country and more people should come and experience it. The Peacock Hotel, as a family-owned hotel, provides the best service in Dar, with tailor-made solutions to fit each client’s needs. When in Dar es Salaam, stay at the Peacock Hotel and experience true Tanzanian hospitality.”