Innovative Water-Treatment and Renewable-Energy Specialist

malaysia_pjbumiPJBumi, under new management since 2013, has broadened its original focus on waste-water and solid waste management to become an innovative specialist in “green” waste-treatment solutions, renewable energies and recycling plants. The company recently received a letter of award to construct a hydropower plant in Perak and plans to get more involved in building energy plants in the future.

CEO Mohamed Nasir Bin Wan Idrus says, “We have recently developed a revolutionary technology to purify sewage, industrial and residential wastewater into clean water that met the standard set by the Department of Safety and Health, and we aim to grow in the water-treatment sector as well as in green energies.” The company also started to venture into construction of buildings instead of just sewage treatment plant and is currently looking to partner with established construction companies.

Mr. Nasir, who joined the company in 2012, explains, “We aim to venture into new waste-treatment activities such as waste management center, incinerator, waste-fuelled energy plants, and large waste-recycling plants. We are currently eyeing for the chance to build Malaysia’s first waste-fuelled energy plant. If the appropriate technologies are employed, such plants cause no air pollution whatsoever.”

PJBumi welcomes international partnerships. Mr. Nasir says, “We are very open to working with partners because we are always looking for ways to improve our existing technology and develop new technology. In five years we want to be one of Malaysia’s top 100 companies.”