Province of Bukidnon

Central Province Known for Thriving Agriculture Sector

Bukidnon, in central Mindanao, is known for its wide range of high-quality agricultural products and for its cultural diversity. Bukidnon is currently focusing on developing a sustainable modern economy with the emphasis on agriculture.

According to Jose M. Zubiri Jr., Governor, the government’s priorities are healthcare and social services, housing and resettlement, education, economic services, infrastructure development, environmental management, promotion of peace, and improvements in local administration and governance. The overall goal of Bukidnon’s leaders is to improve quality of life for the province’s residents and to enhance Bukidnon’s attractions for local and international investors.

Protecting the region’s environment and natural resources is another priority. The governor says, “Bukidnon is envisioned as a province of self-reliant people who enjoy a high quality of life in an atmosphere of justice, peace and harmony, with an ecologically balanced environment and an optimally developed agriculture-based economy.”

Diverse products and great investment appeal

Bukidnon has a total land area of over one million hectares, most of which is forests and agricultural land. The main crops are sugarcane, corn, pineapples and rice, although palm oil, cacao, bananas, coffee, rubber, livestock, vegetables and fruits are also produced. The agriculture sector includes over 1,000 SMEs involved in rice and corn processing, while many larger firms and multinationals are engaged in crop production and food processing.

Bukidnon has developed extensive infrastructure to support the agriculture sector, including five warehouses operated by the National Food Authority. Several financing institutions extend agricultural loans to farmers and farming entities in Bukidnon, from leading banks to rural banks and banking cooperatives. Bukidnon welcomes foreign investors seeking opportunities in its thriving, high-potential agriculture and food-processing sectors.