PSD Group

Crocodile Park Attracting Locals and International Visitors

mindanao_psdPSD Group is boosting the growth of Davao’s tourism sector through providing a wide range of attractions and services for visitors. The company’s varied projects range from a white-water rafting operation to a river-walk grill resto, a butterfly house, Maxima, Mindanao Travel and Davao Crocodile Park, among many others.

Davao Crocodile Park, for example, was launched by owner Philip Sonny Dizon as Davao’s first crocodile park. It opened in 2005. The park showcases a state-of-the-art crocodile habitat and breeding system and has become one of the top tourism attractions in Davao.

Focus on environmental protection

In addition to crocodiles, the park is home to many other animals and birds. It emphasizes environmental protection and helps make both locals and international visitors more aware of the need to cherish Davao’s natural heritage. The location in Manila makes the park available to urban residents who might otherwise have little opportunity to come into contact with the Philippines’ unspoiled natural wonders.

Davao Crocodile Park features exciting shows for the whole family and its Crocoseum (Crocodile Park Manila) teaches visitors even more about these fascinating animals. Davao Crocodile Park serves as an example of the potential of the Philippines’ tourism sector.