The Regional Corridor Development Authority (RECODA) is leading the way in implementing projects vital to the success of Sarawak’s second wave of development.

RECODA manages and promotes the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) initiative, which aims to attract and support investment in energy-intensive industries, agriculture and eco-tourism — and to make sure these investments succeed.

Developing these targeted industries and their downstream value-added activities will boost Sarawak’s economy and drive forward industrial development along the Corridor.

RECODA is committed to operating according to competitive private-sector principles and with a clear commercial mindset. Its focus is on minimizing red tape, providing world-class customer service, promoting good governance and serving as a reliable, efficient one-stop shop for investors. Along with providing top-quality infrastructure to support business growth, RECODA is enhancing SCORE’s competitive edge.

SCORE offers local and international businesses unprecedented access to an abundance of inexpensive hydropower and other natural, renewable resources as well as to fast-growing markets in India, China, Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia. In fact, investors in SCORE can count on streamlined access to more than three billion consumers all over the region.

Thanks to the support of RECODA and other state agencies in Sarawak, investors in the SCORE initiative can make the most of the Corridor’s exceptional potential.

RECODA: your reliable long-term partner in Sarawak.