Reyna Shipping Services

World-Class Crews and Shipping Services

Reyna Shipping, launched in 1989, provides a range of world-class services for customers in the shipping industry. The company’s three main activities are manning and crewing, husbanding, and chandlering and catering. Reyna Shipping adheres to the highest international standards and is certified ISO:9001:2000 for its quality-management systems and by Det Nortske Veritas (DNV) for its manning and crewing, a reflection of its commitment to global criteria. Reyna Shipping also meets International Safety Management protocols as well as the regulations of the International Maritime Organization, the Maritime Training Council, and Safety of Life at Sea.

Reyna Shipping specializes in manning and crewing, providing its customers with high-quality, carefully screened and trained crews. The company now has over 1,000 experienced seafarers on its roster and has a strong track record for offering exceptional manning, crewing and husbanding services to reefer vessels plying the Davao-Japan and other key routes worldwide. As Earl Vincent C. Calma, President, points out, “The personalized attention and focused continuous education that our personnel receive make them some of the most trusted seafarers in the world. Our customers trust us to provide them with the best crews possible, and that is why they keep coming back time and time again.”

All crews provided by Reyna Shipping have undergone medical and physical screening, have all necessary licenses, and have proven skills and training certifications. Reyna Shipping works closely with its clients throughout the contract period to make sure that any incidents with crew members are handled promptly and efficiently. Putting the customer first is a guiding principle for Reyna Shipping. When it establishes a manning agreement, Reyna Shipping makes sure it understands the client’s needs from A to Z in order to provide the most efficient, economical and high-quality crew management. Mr. Calma explains, “We treat everyone here like a big family, and we always focus on the customers’ requirements.”