Rising Sun

Exceptional Wood Products to Fit Each Customer’s Needs
Rising Sun has expanded from a small lumber enterprise in Pasay to become a leading manufacturer of high-quality wooden doors and other wood products. Now with five production facilities and around 300 employees, the dynamic enterprise, based in Muntinlupa City, serves clients throughout the Philippines. Co-owner Julie Sy Torres points out, “The clients for our wooden doors range from your average person having his house built to construction companies developing large-scale subdivisions. As a family-owned business with competitive prices, Rising Sun has the flexibility to satisfy every customer.”

All Rising Sun’s products are made from the best woods, including local mahogany and mirante imported from Malaysia. Rising Sun has developed an extensive line of more than 200 products available at outlets throughout the Philippines and produces roughly 500,000 board feet of moldings, 12,000 pieces of wooden doors and 10,000 pieces of door jambs every month. In addition, the company will customize products to fit customers’ specific needs. Rising Sun has also set up an efficient logistics network to distribute its products quickly.

State-of-the-art technology

To maintain the highest quality standards, Rising Sun has invested in state-of-the-art technology from Germany to dry its lumber properly. “Our customers can be confident that our products will not warp, expand or crack, and our highest-quality products can be delivered to each client’s doorstep,” co-owner Leo Torres explains.

Mr. And Mrs. Torres aim for the company to grow an additional 20% with the help of local and international partners. Mrs. Torres says, “Since we need to import wood from abroad, we are very open to meeting new suppliers of high-quality wood. We are committed to growing further and we particularly welcome developers of large projects, although we will continue to serve all our clients, large and small.”

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