The Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA) is making sure Sarawak is developed sustainably. A state-owned organization run as a private enterprise, SALCRA has already transformed over 123,000 acres (around 50,000 hectares) of land into palm-oil plantations and other thriving agricultural ventures throughout Sarawak.

SALCRA still has over 247,000 acres (around 100,000 hectares) of land waiting to be developed, including Native Customary Rights land not available to other enterprises. SALCRA welcomes partnerships with international investors.

“Consolidation” and “rehabilitation” are SALCRA’s guiding principles. SALCRA consolidates scattered small sections of land in order to make them suitable for development, and transforms land judged useless into viable commercial property. SALCRA currently manages 18 oil-palm plantations, one tea plantation, and four palm-oil mills, all operated according to the most stringent environmental-protection criteria.

SALCRA’s main objective is to improve the quality of life of Sarawak’s rural residents by developing lands around established communities. SALCRA works with native land-owners and provides the expertise, technologies and financial support needed to make land productive.

For the past three decades, SALCRA’s work has played a key role in reducing poverty, bringing new services, and creating employment opportunities throughout rural Sarawak. SALCRA: a global benchmark for environmentally friendly, socially responsible, sustainable land development.