Sam’s Car Rental

Car-Rental Services and Much More

Sam’s Car Rental, Tours and Safaris is the right choice for world-class car-rental services and much more. The company is based just outside Dar es Salaam and can deliver its rental cars to customers anywhere in the city. Sam’s also offers chauffeured and self-guided tours, guided group tours, and special-interest holidays focusing on eco-tourism, cultural tourism, camping safaris and other exciting excursions. In addition, Sam’s can arrange reservations for flights to and from Tanzania and within the country as well as accommodations.

Sam’s Car Rental, Tours and Safaris aims to add even more services to its portfolio in order to be a true one-stop shop for visitors to Tanzania. Managing Director Samuel Y. Meena says, “We want to create packages that include safaris, hotel reservations, rental cars, guided tours — basically everything a visitor would need. We also want to launch a travel agency and to provide logistics support for foreign investors here in Tanzania. We have very big plans.”

Exceptional customer service

Sam’s is known for its exceptional customer service, well maintained fleet of mainly four-wheel drive vehicles, and reliable, experienced drivers who can transport visitors anywhere in Dar es Salaam and throughout the country. The company is committed to spurring on the development of Tanzania’s tourism sector by providing high-quality services.

Sam’s Car Rental, Tours and Safaris is looking forward to continued strong growth as Tanzania’s spectacular tourism attractions become better known worldwide. The company’s web site is its main source of clients but Mr. Meena is stepping up media activities to reach new markets. Sam’s serves both locals and foreign visitors, mainly from Europe and the U.S. Mr. Meena says, “We do not see many Asian visitors in Tanzania so far and we welcome the chance to help Asian travelers discover everything Tanzania has to offer.”