SkyEye UAV Services


Using Cutting-Edge Drone Technology to Survey Property 

Founded in 2009 as an university research project SkyEye, Inc. revolutionizes the way mapping and land surveying is done in the Philippines by using drones.

Its young CEO, Matthew Cua, shared that their drones are built and designed to survey properties five times faster, with more data precision and volume compared to traditional survey equipment.

Cua says, “We harness the information obtained from the drones and translate these into useful, relevant and understandable data for property owners, buyers and associates (i.e. banks and insurers).”

As a service company, SkyEye does not merely capture images or videos using drones. They utilize drone technology to provide precise visualisation for better property valuation. This is a service sorely lacking in the Philippines and in several developing countries of which SkyEye seeks to address.

It has an extensive fleet of custom drones to perform tasks intended for real estate, agriculture, environment, infrastructure and industrial-maintenance purposes.

By combining these drones with advanced GPS and visualization technologies, it has successfully serviced numerous and diverse sets of organizations spanning NGOs, family-owned businesses, large institutions and international agencies such as the World Bank and USAid.

Currently, the company is developing technologies for Filipinos occupying lands of which they do not have legal rights to. Given this reality, SkyEye is endeavouring to make land surveying and the Philippine system of land titling simpler, more efficient and more affordable.

It aims to expand in other countries. Cua explains, “In the Philippines, the current and traditional land title process takes around 18 months. SkyEye can do it in only three months or less at a lower cost.

“We live up to our motto, ‘faster, better, cheaper.’ We hope to see UAVs/drones be part of the standard for surveying land in the Philippines, in which we can then export that idea to other countries in the near future as property rights is a global issue.”

Surveying is one small part of SkyEye and as Cua said “We don’t just capture images; we push technology, science and engineering beyond its current limits by focusing on applications that really impact human lives.”