Port-Services Supplier Rapidly Boosting Capacity

STEMA specializes in providing world-class shipping services for the transport of grain and cereals, including unloading and storing cargo as well as other logistics support. CEO Silvino A.J. Moreno says, “We are a company ideally placed to serve clients and markets in southern Africa and Asia, and we can handle cargo and loads from any source, whether by sea, rail or road.”

STEMA has currently a storage capacity of 45.000 metric tons and aims to boost its capacity significantly in the near future by building new storage terminals in Nacala, in the northern province of Nampula. We are looking for private-sector partners, particularly from Asia (India or China), to help us with this project. Nacala is truly the future for port services in Mozambique,” Mr. Moreno explains. Other goals for STEMA include upgrading its equipment and technologies, and continuing to support the government’s efforts to modernize Mozambique’s infrastructure.

Gateway to regional markets
Mr. Moreno explains that STEMA is particularly looking to partner with a company that is operating a similar terminal that STEMA could use as a benchmark. Mr. Moreno says, “We can offer a partner our in-depth expertise and local knowledge. Being established in Nacala we will be able to provide services to all northern provinces of Mozambique as well as Malawi and Tanzania, and we can serve as a gateway for our partners to reach other markets.”

International investors should look into new opportunities in Mozambique, Mr. Moreno believes. He says, “Mozambique has changed completely in the last sixteen years, not only in its development but also in the minds of its people. The government is really focused on improving the business environment. Those who invest in Mozambique today will get the best possible returns in the shortest possible time.”