Target LLC

oman_target_lccTarget LLC has been playing a major role in Oman’s infrastructure development since 1976. The company is mainly involved in the construction of water and wastewater infrastructure, buildings, and other civil engineering projects. Its main clients are the Diwan of Royal Court, the Public Authority for Electricity & Water (PAEW), and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).
Managing Partner, Youssef Shammas, (I added the two commas here) says, “We have contributed to the nation’s development through the projects that we have executed, spanning housing, hospitals, schools, and infrastructure. Right now our major projects are water supply systems (pipelines, reservoirs, and pumping stations) in various areas in Oman, for the PAEW. We are also constructing a facility for the Diwan of Royal Court, and a water-drainage project for the palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.” Target recently completed two buildings for PDO, and is expecting to receive significant orders in 2014.
Mr. Shammas is dedicated to maintaining Target’s strong track record and stellar reputation. He says, “I want to ensure that Target continues providing top-drawer performance for years to come. We have very capable and committed employees, and we are all proud of our accomplishments. We are one of the companies that consistently lives up to its promises, and delivering top quality projects on time and within budget.” As a result of its dependability and capability, Target is regularly amongst the top three contractors in its sector.
Partnerships with Asian companies
Now, Target is looking to form mutually beneficial partnerships with Asian companies. Mr. Shammas says, “We are always looking for partners who can provide certain specialized skills. Over the next few years, we expect various unique projects to be underway in Oman, and we seek partners that can join hands with us. We are also diversifying our operations, to enter new sectors such as the hydrocarbons and industrial fields. As our record can attest, partners can be confident that Target is reliable, professional, and committed to getting the job done.”
Target will continue to contribute to Oman’s development. Mr. Shammas concludes, “Target will always be known for integrity, credibility, dynamism, and commitment to human values. We hold our clients in high regard, and succeed in exceeding their expectations. Target has been here for 37 years, and will continue to build the future of Oman for many years to come.”