World-Class Regulatory Environment for ICT Investors

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), formed in 2003, oversees Tanzania’s communications activities, including telecom, broadcasting, Internet and postal services. “The TCRA has a very challenging job of ensuring a balance between the interests of the government, the business sector and consumers,” explains Professor John S. Nkoma.

One of the TCRA’s main goals is to create a favorable business environment for telecom companies. “We are responsible for all licensing in the ICT sector and we want these companies to be successful, so we have created a level playing field for them,” Professor John S. Nkoma points out. Tanzania’s communications regulatory environment now meets the highest international standards thanks to the TCRA Act of 2003 and the Electronic and Postal Communications Act of 2010. The TCRA has established six offices throughout the country and excels at providing efficient, rapid service.

Strategic plan focuses on telecom infrastructure

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority has an ambitious strategic plan for 2011 to 2016 that focuses on the development of Tanzania’s communications infrastructure. Professor John S. Nkoma, explains, “Dar es Salaam is now served by submarine cable, but we want to install a fiber-optic network covering the whole country. This will be Tanzania’s national ICT backbone and will link us to our eight neighboring countries. Six of our neighbors are land-locked, which means they mainly depend on satellite connectivity, but if we extend a fiber-optic network to them, they can count on cheaper communications.”

The TCRA’s development plan also includes supporting the creation of new telecom applications, particularly e-education, e-commerce, e-health and e-government services. Establishing modern training programs in the telecom sector is another goal, along with enhancing Internet security. The TCRA welcomes international investors in Tanzania’s ICT sector. Professor John S. Nkoma concludes, “Tanzania is a very peaceful country with great potential for getting excellent returns on investments in the communications sector.”