The Dinagat Islands

A Secretive Fusion of Mystery and Love

16453357Nestled to the west of the famed Surigao Straits and just a short hop away from the province of Surigao del Norte, there exists an island paradise unlike any other. Due to the tireless efforts of the island’s community and endeavors spearheaded by the Ecleo family – The Dinagat Islands in the Republic of the Philippines became the nation’s 81st and newest province in 2006.

Under the present stewardship of Governor Glenda Ecleo and Vice Governor Benglen Ecleo, the island province’s doors are being opened to tourists and investors alike. According to Vice-Governor Benglen, the journey to become a developed province will be a challenging journey and one that the provincial government is constantly preparing for. With infrastructural development and modernization of amenities high on the island administration’s agenda, industries like mining, healthcare and education are now a core focus. The cause is helped by the fact that Dinagat Island is naturally endowed with unique and exotic attractions while also catering for 39 known minerals. However, the Vice-Governor was proud to inform that the island’s most valuable minerals were indeed… “The people of Dinagat” and “…not just the stones”. Together with the island population’s ambitious and family like approach to progression, a sustainable future is in store for the people of Dinagat. The Vice Governor continues;

“Development of our province is of the utmost importance; however it must be undertaken in a sustainable and responsible way. Public service and service for humanity is indeed the highest privilege possible. On Dinagat, that is made easier by the unwavering will of the people.”

Indeed it is evident that an unusually strong and united approach between the provincial government and the populace is on display for all to see in Dinagat. The island is a role model in many variations. With regard to peace and order, Dinagat recorded a Zero percent crime rate in 2012. In terms of community spirit, the island is sometimes referred to as the volunteering capital of the world.

The San Jose based administration is proud of this high level of positive and symbiotic engagement and as Provincial Tourism Officer Mr. Danilo Bulabos explains: “Our work here is not just for the people, but together with the people”. Mr. Danilo Bulabos welcomes each individual to experience Dinagat for themselves. Citing the wonderful caves and beaches on offer. Other popular tourist spots include Ben Paz Mountain Resort and Oasis Islet Resort in Libjo, Quano Blue Lagoon and Quano Cave, Talisay Beach in Tubajon, The Legaspi Water Falls, Sayaw Beach, Puerto Prinsesa Beach and Hagakhak Cave in Basilisa, Bitaog Beach and of course the famed Lake Bababu – a stunning mix of fresh and salt water layers. Dinagat island is undergoing a period of immense yet responsible progression – The only way to witness this, is to make the journey for yourself!