The Philippine Medical Association (PMA),

One PMA: Filipino Physicians Join Forces

The Philippine Medical Association (PMA), founded 113 years ago, is the voice of Filipino physicians. Now with more than 80,000 members, it advocates high standards in the medical profession and promotes the expansion and improvement of medical services throughout the country. Dr. Maria Minerva Calimag, President, explains, “With transparency and accountability, the PMA will bridge gaps, connect remote areas, and put policies in place that lead to the highest-quality medical care.”

Dr. Maria Minerva Calimag, President
Dr. Maria Minerva Calimag, President

Through its One PMA, One Health, One Nation initiative, the association aims to create a true fellowship of Filipino physicians who share common goals, including a commitment to acquiring the highest levels of medical knowledge and skills through continuing education and research.The PMA’s membership represent all physicians serving in all parts of the country.

Advocate for Filipino physicians

The PMA participates in the top medical organizations in the Philippines, including the the Professional Regulations Commission Continuing Professional Development Council, and the Commission on Higher Education Technical Committee on Medical Education. A key role for the PMA is to advocate for physicians in discussions with the government. Dr. Calimag says, “The Philippines has achieved the Millennium Development Goals, but there are always new challenges. At the PMA, we are strengthening our ranks. We have to make sure that our agenda is addressed. My goal as PMA President is to be the voice of the FIlipino physician.” Current programs and projects for the Association include institutionalizing the OWL@PMA as a dynamic online database of physicians, supporting onlinelearning opportunities, improving access to quality professional development for physicians, creating new benefits for members, contributing to disaster management throughout the country, and many other initiatives. The PMA supports universal healthcare and, through its Primary Care Coalition, it is driving a shift in the healthcare sector from focusing on secondary care to focusing on primary care and preventive medicine. The Association actively participates in programs with the Department of Health and the Department of Science and Technology including the Philippine Health Information Exchange. Dr. Calimag says, “Our relationship with the Department of Health is very important for us. For example, we work with the Department of Health Academy because we think that it can help address the empowerment of Filipino physicians.” The PMA welcomes local and international partnerships. Dr. Calimag explains, “We are always in need of assistance in funding the capacity-building projects, one of the most important goals being to create new opportunities for residency training for physicians in rural areas. Join us in empowering the PMA and our physicians!”PMA Logo