The Very Best in Cancer Technology & Management

abc_malaysiaMount Miriam Cancer Hospital, a non-for-profit Missionary hospital in Penang, opened in 1976 as a hospice and has steadily grown over the years to become a leading oncology hospital in Malaysia. CEO Ms. Tham Wei Wei explains, “Our mission is to becomea comprehensive cancer hospital, offering a complete range of services from cancer diagnosis, cancer surgery, cancer treatments and palliative care.”

Yearly, the hospital disbursed approximately RM 800.000 to finance treatment for needy patients who cannot afford cancer care. The hospital anticipates raising these disbursements to RM 1 million. Mount Miriam consistently reinvests its revenues in equipment, being the first hospital in the region to offerTomotherapy HD, the most advance image guided radiation treatment, as well as Stereotactic Radio Therapy (SRT) and Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS). In addition to world class technology, staff is being trained at top universities and hospitals across globally. Ms. Tham points out, “We all share an ethical passion to cater to our patients’ needs by continuously improve skills and technology.”

“By the community, for the community” has been the slogan of Mount Miriam since its inception. The future goal of the hospital is to become the leading educational cancer hospital and cancer-research center in the country. We are committed to provide our very best for the community. We have a role to play; a role to ensure the very best of cancer treatment at an affordable price.