TS Solartech

Innovative Solar-Energy Enterprise Growing Rapidly

Tek SengTS Solartech, founded in 2010, is dedicated to the research, development, and production of high-quality solar cells, modules, and PV systems. Based in Penang Science Park, TS Solartech aims to become the world’s leading solar supplier through continuous innovation, outstanding production processes, high yield rates and world-class product efficiency.

CEO Loh Kok Beng explains, “After a two-year preparation, we acquired the first solar-cell machine in Malaysia and have just started to ramp up production.” TS Solartech manufactures solar cells, the third stage in the solar-energy-equipment supply chain. The company aims to get involved in downstream manufacturing in the future.

TS Solartech supplies state-of-the-art crystalline solar cells to leading international module manufacturers worldwide, particularly in the US, China and the EU. The company exports 90% of its production, but sees potential in Malaysia’s domestic market. Mr. Beng says, “The Malaysian market is set for growth once people here become more aware of the benefits of solar cells.”

German TUV certification

TS-logoA commitment to the highest international standards, premium solar cells, and a track record for outstanding delivery, reliability and value-added prices give TS Solartech its competitive edge. Mr. Beng points out, “We have German and Taiwanese engineers who are experts in the area of solar technology, and they have helped us to gain the German TUV certificate that allows us to guarantee our products pass international standards and are of the highest quality.” He adds, “We also have the Malaysian stamp which sets our products apart from those produced in neighboring countries like China.”

TS Solartech aims to form productive partnerships with upstream polysilicon- wafer makers and downstream module-manufacturers and system-integration distributors to enhance its competitiveness through vertical integration.
Mr. Beng concludes, “We look for integrity and sincerity in our business partners and focus on establishing long-term supplier relationships.”