Telecom Leader the Top Choice for Professionals

Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL), now 35% under private ownership, plays a key role in driving Tanzania’s telecom sector forward. TTCL provides world-class mobile and fixed-line data and voice services and is also the licensed operator of Tanzania’s ICT backbone.

Said Amir Said, TITLE, points out, “The government has made enormous investments in upgrading and expanding Tanzania’s fiber-optic infrastructure, and two submarine fiber-optic cable links are coming to Tanzania for digital and broadband connections. TTCL will provide the backbone to link up these connections from Dar es Salaam to users anywhere in the country.” Tanzania’s domestic fiber-optic infrastructure is already in place and connects to Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Malawi, with Burundi connections available soon.

Focus on quality

TTCL is maintaining its competitive edge in an increasingly crowded telecom market through its focus on quality of service and through its comprehensive infrastructure. Said Amir Said points out, “Customers who try us never leave us. We can roll out our business very quickly and our services meet international standards. We serve banks, the government, financial institutions, major investors and small and medium sized enterprises. Professionals in Tanzania prefer TTCL.”

In a commitment to the people of Tanzania, TTCL is bidding for a tender to provide telecom connections in around 200 isolated rural areas with the support of government subsidies. Said Amir Said says, “This project is not business-viable, but it is people-viable.” TTCL also supports a number of community-service projects.

TTCL partners with Internet service providers and welcomes the chance to establish more partnerships with telecom companies. Said Amir Said says, “We need ISPs to distribute services to end users. Small companies can buy access from us and provide this service. We encourage foreign telecom companies to come here and use our backbone. They will be very satisfied with what we can offer them.”