Public Broadcaster Bringing Country Together

TVM, Mozambique’s dynamic public broadcaster, is providing an essential service through operating all over the country, even in very poor areas where private media companies do not go. “We are moving toward becoming Mozambique’s national public broadcaster. Our mission is to reach all citizens. We serve everyone from children to the poor, the middle class and the very wealthy,” explains Chairman of the Board Armindo Chavana Junior.

TVM’s core business is producing content, but lately it has had to focus on expanding its infrastructure. The company is currently planning to build a new production facility budgeted at €89 million (U.S. $127.8 million) and is looking for investors and partners to help with the financing. “We are spending more money on infrastructure than on programs, so I feel there is a big opportunity for a partner to come in and help with infrastructure so that we can focus on content,” Mr. Chavana explains.

TVM has already acquired a 33,000 sq m (355,209 sq ft) plot of land, a major advantage as property values in Mozambique continue to rise. “Our production facility will only cover around one-third of our land, and we would like other businesses to set up on the rest,” Mr. Chavana says. Another goal for TVM is to launch digital channels.

Mr. Chavana welcomes the chance to work with international companies and investors. TVM can offer its partners the benefit of its 30 years of experience in Mozambique as well as its proven track record for efficiency and corruption-free operations. Mr. Chavana says, “TVM has been there, always, whenever the country needs it. We help Mozambicans come together as a nation, and we are playing a key role in helping the government improve the communications sector.” To potential investors and partners, he concludes, “Mozambique is a country of opportunities, and TVM has its eyes on the future.”