Leading Asset-Management Firm Expanding Regionally

Vision logofinalVision Investments, founded in 1998, has grown to become Oman’s biggest asset-management enterprise. The firm leads the way in both the number of mutual funds managed and in total assets under management in regional equity markets. Explaining Vision Investments’ success story, CEO Ali Mohamed Juma says, “We are very focused on providing professional services for our clients, and we are one of the only independent investment companies in the region whose funds have all been rated by Standard & Poors. We also pride ourselves on having an innovative approach to our products and services, by working hard to come up with investment packages that are unique and different.”

Continuing to expand its portfolio of services, Vision Investments launched two new divisions this year: one focusing on private equity in GCC markets and the other on real-estate investments. Mr. Juma says that the company also plans to establish a regional office in the near future. He says, “Oman may continue to be our largest client base, but we hope to expand our presence in the region.”

Value-choice for clients

Vision Investments was one of the few companies in the region not negatively affected by the global financial crisis, and plans to continue building on that strength. Mr. Juma explains, “We want to be a real value choice for clients by assisting them in achieving their investment goals. We also want to be recognized as a top employer by helping our team to achieve both personal and professional goals. For our shareholders, we want to provide the best returns. We are able to do all this because of our continued success through the tough times.”

Vision Investments welcomes the chance to work with investors from Asia. Mr. Juma says, “We can facilitate the entire process for international investors. Let us help you take advantage of all the opportunities Oman has to offer.”