Waves International Hotel Muscat

WavesLogoOmani Hotel Group Offers Unique Hospitality, World-Class Comforts
Waves International Hotel Muscat offers a winning combination of luxurious comfort, cutting-edge facilities, authentic Omani charm and an ideal location in the heart of Oman’s historic capital. With 120 rooms, a range of upscale amenities, and three restaurants, including a very popular coffee shop, Waves International Hotel is the ideal home-away-from-home in Oman for business and leisure travelers.

Mohammed Al Rawahi, General Manager and Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, explains, “Waves International Hotel Muscat has been doing tremendously well ever since it opened in 2011, and we have another hotel in Salalah with 340 rooms which has been doing equally well. We base our business on honesty, loyalty, service and aspiration. We are certainly giving our competitors a run for their money”. Corporate customers appreciate Waves International’s airport transfers, gifts, and discounted rates.

Unique hospitality, sense of tradition
Waves International attracts guests from all over the world and is particularly popular among travelers from Dubai. Mr. Al Rawahi points out, “People in Dubai come to Oman for our unique hospitality and sense of deep-rooted traditions. Oman is also considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. I am really proud of our people and of our country.” Waves International supports a number of local community-service projects in its commitment to giving back to the people of Oman.

This 100% Omani hotel group aims to add new hotels to its portfolio, both in Oman and abroad, and to create a unique hospitality brand that exemplifies Omani culture and heritage. Waves International Hotel partners with leading tour operators, airlines and corporate clients worldwide. “We are certainly open to more partnerships of this nature, and those interested can contact me directly,” Mr. Al Rawahi says. He urges international travelers to visit Oman and discover for themselves everything this special country has to offer.