Welch Allyn

Global Leader in Frontline Healthcare Products

malaysia_welchWelch Allyn provides innovative and world-class medical devices to physicians, hospitals, specialized clinics, health centers, military clients, medical students, medical schools and others worldwide. The award-winning global group, headquartered in the U.S., set up Welch Allyn Malaysia, a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Welch Allyn Inc., after acquiring the local distributor in 2006. However, Welch Allyn medical devices have been marketed and sold in Malaysia since 1980.
General Manager A. Chandrasegaran explains, “Welch Allyn is an international pioneer in frontline healthcare products, and we have raised Welch Allyn’s profile in Malaysia. Our goal is to achieve seamless connectivity concerning Welch Allyn’s state-of-the-art medical devices for a wide variety of clients, including hospitals. We are recognized for our product quality, accuracy and ease-of-use devices and are constantly playing a key role in positioning Malaysia as a hub for technical support and training in the ASEAN region.” Welch Allyn provides a full range of services in Malaysia, including sales, customer service, technical support and logistics.
Welch Allyn Malaysia continues to maintain the same high standards as its parent company, which has won a number of awards for its breakthrough technologies and innovative products. Welch Allyn has always been there to help doctors, nurses and other frontline practitioners provide the best patient care on diagnostic products for frontline healthcare.
Well recognized as a worldwide leader in diagnostic instruments, the company has also a growing business in cardiology, vital signs devices, continuous patient monitoring and thermometry (Welch Allyn has developed one of the fastest infrared thermometers in the world).

Cutting-edge Online Store

In 2010, Welch Allyn Malaysia launched a unique website to reach out to its customers across the country. This dedicated online store which is seeing rapid traffic growth and sales, offers streamlined services for medical professionals within West Malaysia. Customers are now able to order Welch Allyn’s mainstream products via the website, including diagnostic tools, blood-pressure management devices, stethoscopes, thermometers, lighting, cardiopulmonary machines, blood-pressure cuffs, nebulizers, laryngoscopes, LED lamps and bulbs, power sources and batteries, and more.
In Malaysia, the local Welch Allyn office is dedicated to serving the Malaysian market exclusively and over 90% of its sales are of Welch Allyn products. “Our clients can rely on Welch Allyn’s patient-friendly devices to carry out highly accurate transmission of clinical data into their electronic databases, such as integrating vital signs measurement into the hospitals database”, says Chandrasegaran. “We are at the cutting edge of a new field of improving the quality of healthcare through greater connectivity.” Welch Allyn Malaysia has plans to partner with Malaysia’s medical schools by providing its latest medical devices to help these universities set up proper clinical-skills laboratories to train the next generation of the country’s physicians.
Welch Allyn will continue to position Malaysia as a key centre in ASEAN for healthcare development, and Chandrasegaran anticipates 30% growth for the company over the next three to five years. He concludes, “You cannot go wrong with Welch Allyn.”